Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


General FAQ

What is Build My Social?

Build My Social is a unique Social Media Marketing company committed to the goal of increasing your social media presence and credibility with guaranteed results. We believe in offering the highest-quality service in the industry with second-to-none customer support, while still keeping our prices low and competitive.

Are you a reputable company?

We have over 100,000 satisfied customers who think so. You can read what they say about us in the review section.

Here are a few things that set us apart:
1. We never ask for your Social Media login information or password.
2. You can checkout securely with popular payment methods including All Major Credit Cards, Debit/ATM Cards PayPal.
3. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if we are unable to complete your order.
4. Our services include a Retention Guarantee, to ensure results are long-term.

Why are your prices so low?

Social media marketing is what we do everyday. We have optimized our methods and techniques over the past four years to keep costs at the lowest possible, while still maintaining the high-quality service we’re well known for.

Have any questions or concerns about our services? Continue going through our FAQ, or open a Support Ticket

What type of Payments does Build My Social accept?

Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, & JBC
PayPal – PayPal Account, Credit Cards & BillMeLater
Amazon Payment – Pay with your Amazon Account

How does your Money Back Guarantee work?

Most of our services include a 100% Money Back Guarantee, which means if we don’t deliver, we will provide a full refund. There are some exceptions to this, so please read our terms of service. However, if you feel we have not kept our promise in delivering your order, you may request a full or partial refund here.

Are these services discreet and anonymous? Is my privacy assured?
buy sound cloud plays

Of course! We take your privacy extremely seriously. All of our services are 100% discreet and anonymous, and no one will ever find out you ordered from us (unless you tell them).

Our job is to strengthen your social credibility and social proof – not ruin it. We will NEVER disclose your information to any third-party or affiliate. All of our employees sign Non-Disclosure Agreements as well, so rest assured that your information is secure.

What does each Order Status mean?

Once you place an order, you may notice your order will have a particular status that will change. These are a list of our Order Statuses and what they mean:Pending – We have received your order, but we have not received your payment.

Processing – We have received your order and it’s awaiting review from our Staff. If our team is out (nights), it may take up to 12 hours for this to change.

In Progress – We have reviewed your information and everything checked out. Your information has been sent to our Marketing Team to work on your order.

On Hold – We reviewed your order and have found something wrong. You will receive an email from us with further instructions.

Complete – We have completed your order. Congratulations!

Failed – We were unable to complete your order due to a violation of our Terms of Service or due to a failed payment. Feel free to contact us if you think there was a mistake.

Refunded – We started/completed your order, but provided a refund due to either an Official Refund Request, Fraud, or other reason.

Canceled – Your order was cancelled, with no refund issued. Either by request or a violation of our Terms of Service.


SoundCloud Service FAQ

What SoundCloud Services does Build My Social offer?

We offer seven unique services to help you boost your SoundCloud popularity and exposure.

  1. SoundCloud Followers – Our followers service will quickly increase your SoundCloud following to boost your overall credibility and encourage others to follow you.
  2. SoundCloud Plays – Our plays service will boost your track’s play count to a guaranteed amount by promoting it to a general audience of listeners.
  3. SoundCloud Likes – Increase your track’s like count by a guaranteed amount. Available as an Add-On with SoundCloud Plays.
  4. SoundCloud Reposts – Increase your track’s number of reposts by a guaranteed amount. Available as an Add-On with SoundCloud Plays.
  5. SoundCloud Comments – Gain custom comments on your tracks, guaranteed. Available as an Add-On with SoundCloud Plays.
  6. Search Engine Optimization (Coming Soon) – Improve your track’s ranking on Google to increase organic listeners and exposure. Available as an Add-On with SoundCloud Plays or separately.

How many plays can you deliver to a single track?
We can deliver over 1 Million SoundCloud plays to a single track. Our 1 Million SoundCloud Plays package is available, which also includes likes, reposts and followers.
Are Your SoundCloud Plays from Real People?
Yes. All SoundCloud plays are from real people. We utilize high-traffic websites to promote tracks and deliver real plays. Unfortunately, listeners are likely un-targeted.
Can I also buy Likes, Reposts, and Comments?

Yes! All of those services are available as add-ons when you purchase SoundCloud Plays. Visit our SoundCloud Plays sales page for pricing details.

What if I want to promote more than one track at a time?
No problem! Just purchase one of our bigger plans, and select the box that says, “Multiple Tracks.” Then enter a unique URL for each track that you’d like to have increased plays.
Is your service safe, or do I risk getting penalized by SoundCloud?
Our service is very safe, because it complies with SoundCloud’s Terms of Service. We promote your tracks on high-traffic websites or through social media to get real plays from real people.


YouTube Service FAQ

What YouTube Services does Build My Social offer?

We offer three (3) YouTube Services.

YouTube Views (optional Likes/Comments)
YouTube Likes / Comments (Stand-Alone Service)
YouTube Subscribers

How does your YouTube Likes/Comments Service work?

Our YouTube Likes/Comments service helps strengthen your YouTube video’s credibility, popularity and encourages discussion on your video.

Our Likes and Comments are added manually by our dedicated and knowledgeable YouTube team. This ensures that Likes and Comments will be positive, as well as that comments will be related to your video and encouraging of discussion.

Are YouTube Views from Real People?

Yes. Every view that you receive from our service is from a real person. We promote your video on either high-traffic websites or Social Media to deliver real views, from real people.

Our services are completely compliant with YouTube’s Terms and Conditions.

Are YouTube Subscribers Real?
Yes, they are all real, however not all of them are active. We deliver both active and inactive YouTube Subscribers, so some of your subscribers may watch your videos every time you upload a new one, but many may not. The purpose of our subscriber service is to increase your perceived popularity to convince other YouTube users to subscribe. You’re more likely to get more new subscribers organically if you already have a large subscription base.
Can my YouTube Video get removed?
Very Unlikely. We acquire real views from a large network of partnered websites that display your video to their visitors, so our YouTube Views services does not violate any of YouTube’s Terms and Conditions. Nonetheless, it is possible that your video may be removed, either due to it’s content (if it violates YouTube’s TOS) or at YouTube’s own discretion.
Does Your YouTube Views service support Adsense?

No, we do not support Adsense with our YouTube Views service. There are very good reasons for this.

Our main goal is to deliver views to your video as quickly and safely as possible. Adsense distracts from that goal and decreases our own Visitor-to-Viewer conversion rate, making our service slower and less effective. As such, our system hides any Ads on your video, from the viewers we send you. This can decrease your Ad statistics and can potentially cause other complications with Adsense, so we recommend you disable Adsense while our YouTube Views campaign is running.


Twitter Service FAQ

Why should I use your Service for my Twitter Account?

his is a question we get asked all the time, and there are a few different ways of answering this depending on what type of account you have, but overall it’s about Guaranteed Results – You’ll always receive the guaranteed number of followers or your money back.
twitter followers

Personal Twitter Accounts

First-impressions are always important, and your Twitter Follower count may be one of the first things people notice; whether they’re a potential fan looking to follow you, or a potential employer looking to hire you. A higher follower count will make you stand out, make potential fans more likely to follow you, and can even give you the competitive advantage that lands you that job or gig you want.

We don’t just give you more followers; we work on strengthening your social credibility, reputation and reach.

Business Twitter Account

Twitter has become an essential part in the world of business; both to reach new customers and clients, as well as staying connected with an existing customer-base.twitter business

The amount of followers your business has allows potential customers glance at your popularity and compare your business with competitors. Having more followers gives your business that competitive edge that lets customers know your business is doing something right. This won’t only encourage people to follow you, but will boost customer confidence, which can increase sales and conversion-rates, and make marketing campaigns more effective. As a result, satisfied clients will share your business more often with their own followers. That’s the power of social proof and that’s what we do.

Can I order Twitter Followers more then once?
Yes, you can order multiple times for the same account. You’ll always receive new and unique Twitter Followers each and every time. We can deliver up to 500,000 Twitter Followers to a single account.
Will the Twitter Followers I receive unfollow me?

twitter followersThe followers you receive from us will never unfollow you, but you may experience natural drops in followers here and there. This is normal and you should always have more followers than you ordered.

We have two protection layers for customers:

1. Over-Delivery. We always over-deliver Twitter Followers by at least 10%, so you always receive more followers than you pay for. Since small drops in Twitter Followers can occur from time to time, we essentially replace these followers ahead of time for you.

2. Retention Guarantee. All of our Twitter Follower orders include a complementary 365-Day Retention Guarantee, just in case you lost more followers than we over-deliver by. In these rare cases, we’ll have our team verify your loss and than replace the Twitter Followers you’ve lost from us, free of charge.

Our Twitter Followers service is designed for long-term results, and that’s always one of our main priorities. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Is your Twitter Service Safe? Can I get my account suspended?
Our Twitter Marketing Service is 100% Safe and there is no risk of getting your account suspended. We do not access your account or require you to follow anyone else – The only thing that will happen is that you’ll begin receiving followers naturally. Your account is never at risk!
Once I place my order, will I see results right away?
We want to ensure your order is worked on properly and there aren’t any mistakes, so our team will manually review and verify your order within 24 hours. As such, orders usually begin within 24 to 48 hours after being placed.



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